VegNews Zucchini Fries

New Work: VegNews Magazine

VegNews CoverI’m very excited to have worked on the latest issue of VegNews magazine. As a vegan photographer they’ve always felt like my white whale when it came to editorial work. But I’ve had the great fortune to work with them on their past three issues and it was really a lot of fun every time.

I worked closely with their food editor and art director, both of whom were delights. They knew what they wanted and sent me on my way. Remote collaborations helped me to deliver finished products that they were happy with and that I’m very proud of.
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Scott from Catskill Animal Sanctuary

Catskill Animal Sanctuary Visit

After one whole post I’m taking a break from food photography to put something up that’s slightly different, but but still on brand.

This past weekend I celebrated my 44th birthday. And yesterday,as part of an amazing upstate New York weekend filled with hiking and a ton of vegan food (mostly at one of my new favorite restaurants, Garden Café at Woodstock), my wife and I visited the Catskill Farm Sanctuary. It was of the best days I’ve ever had, and that’s not hyperbole.
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Steven Seighman Vegan Food Photography

The Start of Something New

At the beginning of last year I decided to step back a bit from my work in graphic design. I still have my day job designing books, but I left the freelance market (for the most part) to focus on something else. And while I wasn’t quite sure what it would be at the time, I knew I wanted it to involve my camera. I never imagined it would end up being food photography.

What I landed on had to help in some way. For a while I considered traveling to shelters to photograph the animals and hopefully help them get adopted. But as someone with pretty severe allergies that didn’t seem feasible. In the end those allergies would be precisely what I’d focus on.
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