The new issue of VegNews is on newsstands and I’m excited to see another one of my photos in its pages. This time around I was hired to make and shoot a recipe for Baja Cauliflower Tacos, created by chef Eddie Garza.

The process this time was a bit unique in that close to the issue’s close, the dimensions of the spread changed to accommodate a last-minute ad. That meant the styling I used for the shot didn’t quite fit into the new space. There wasn’t enough time to reshoot, so the art director did a bit of Photoshop magic to erase a condiment I’d put into the scene. It looks great in the magazine, though it was strange to see a different version of what I’d set up.

This recipe used breaded, baked cauliflower, which reminded me that I’m always a little nervous when I have to make something that requires me to coat and bake it. For some reason I feel like it never turns out the way it should. (I could blame my ancient oven, but really I think it’s as much user error as it is a technical issue.) This time the pieces turned out well, but I felt a great deal of relief to be able to top them with a lot of vibrant, tasty toppings that added to the image.

I just shot something for the summer issue of the magazine, too. So look for a write-up about that in a month or two!