Week two had a groove to it. Things got a little easier and doing these daily runs almost became routine. That being said, we decided to change the schedule from five days per week to four, so there could be two days on and one day off. Laura’s been fighting off a bit of a hip issue, so having that day to rest will be helpful. But if we just add a mile (or less) to each of the remaining days the finish date will stay the same.

One of the biggest things I’m discovering about this project is that even though we’ve lived in Montclair for over a decade now, there’s so much of it that is completely unknown to me. It’s been a lot of fun running through the northern part of the township and seeing all the beautiful homes in their individual styles. And even though I’m more familiar with the areas just south of our apartment (we live in Upper Montclair), it’s still really nice to run along and daydream about the lives of the people in these elaborate and lovely homes. I notice new ones all the time.

This week we saw our first cheerleaders, too! A coworker of mine and her daughter came out to say hello, which was really great. One of the things I loved about the way Rickey Gates did this project in San Francisco is that he got to stop and talk to so many different people throughout the city. Doing it during a pandemic makes that all but impossible—and it’s even a little scary when we run by families out for a walk or kids riding their bikes. I know the likelihood of catching the virus in passing like that is almost nil, but I still tense up a bit and move to the other side of the road when I see someone coming.

Below are a few photos I collected this week, mostly of beautiful homes. One of them, the blue one, belonged to Yogi Berra. And the one with the high hedges is where a certain late-night talk show host lives. Even though we can’t get to talk to them, our neighbors are really rad.

A reminder: this project is a fundraiser for Woodstock Farm Sanctuary. If you’d like to donate and help the animals, please click here.