This isn’t food photography related, but it does tie into the larger picture for me of compassion toward animals—one of the main reasons I started my business.

Living in the NYC/northern NJ area, my wife and I have been pretty locked down since early March. One of the ways we cope is through socially distant running; we go at off hours and avoid people as much as possible. One way we determined could make running even more fun is if we started a project like the one Rickey Gates did in San Francisco, where he ran every street in the city. So that’s what we’re doing here in our town of Montclair, NJ. And because I like to use wacky things like this as a way to raise money for animal sanctuaries (they need help now more than ever), I’ve turned it into a fundraiser for Woodstock Farm Sanctuary in upstate NY. The goal was to raise $100, but we exceeded that early on. So now I’m setting my sights on $500. I think we can get there.

This project is going to be a lot of fun. There are roughly 125 miles of roads in Montclair, and we’ll do five or more miles per day, four days each week through the first week of June. I can’t wait to explore new areas of the town we’ve lived in for over a decade but haven’t spent much time wandering through. 

Take a look at the map of our route below, and check back here for updates as we go on this fun and exhausting journey. And if you’d like to donate to the cause, click here.